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What is KEOMT?

KEOMT is a specialty within orthopedic manual therapy based upon a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation of a person’s arthro-neuro-muscular system and their physical abilities. KEOMT provides education to become a certified practitioner.

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Recent News

A physio examines the neck motion of a person with a ponytail sitting a chair.

KEOMT Education – Wroclaw, Poland

César Hidalgo-Garcia, KEOMT International Instructor and board President, traveled recently to BMK Organization in Wroclaw, Poland for a cervical spine course with Alek Kuzca, KEOMT National Instructor. Cesar and Alek were assisted by Mateusz Makulik. Together they trained 24 physios in the OMT evaluation and management of cervical spine dysfunction. Would you like to attend or host a KEOMT course?

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Frans van den Berg in Memoriam

Another great pioneer in the field of physiotherapy, a long-time companion and supporter of manual therapy in particular in Austria, has sadly left us. We say THANK YOU, dear Frans, for all your countless impulses, the fascinating skill of imparting knowledge, your commitment to our profession and your collegiality.

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