Become a member of KEOMT

Welcome and thank you for your interest in KEOMT.  The following information is provided to assist you in the membership application process.

If you require additional assistance to complete the application, please contact us.

Full members

  • International Instructor
  • National Instructor

Accredited National and International KEOMT Instructors are eligible for full membership in the organization. Full members have voting rights, access to proprietary educational materials, and access to all aspects of the KEOMT website, including forums and educational resources.

Associate members

  • KEOMT Practitioner
  • KEOMT Student

Associate membership is available to licensed clinical professionals who have successfully completed approved KEOMT coursework and to those who are actively enrolled in KEOMT courses or programs. Associate members do not have voting rights, but may attend KEOMT conferences and have access to most members-only areas of the KEOMT website, including forums and educational materials. 

Apply for membership

Once we have received your membership application, certification documents and dues payment, the KEOMT Board will review your application. Upon approval, you will be sent an email notification with your membership status and information on how to proceed.


Annual dues for all practitioner memberships, including both Full Members and Associate Members, are 120 Swiss francs. Students working toward licensure pay a reduced membership fee of 60 Swiss francs.

Additional Information