Freddy Kaltenborn in Memoriam

Freddy Kaltenborn

The executive board of Kaltenborn-Evjenth OMT is saddened to announce the passing of Professor Freddy Kaltenborn. Professor Kaltenborn dedicated his life to the advancement of manual therapy throughout the world. During his many years of teaching and writing he personally touched the lives of entire generations of manual therapists.

Freddy was always willing to share his wisdom and vision for the future of manual therapy. He was instrumental in the development of the KEOMT organization. On behalf of a countless number of grateful manual therapist’s worldwide we would like to express our thanks to Freddy for sharing his passion, knowledge, and wisdom these many years. Freddy is survived by his talented and supportive spouse Traudi Baldauf Kaltenborn.

“There are men who struggle for a day and they are good. There are men who struggle for a year and they are better. There are men who struggle many years and they are better still. But there are those who struggle all their lives, these are the indispensable ones.” – Bertolt Brecht